What You Need to Know About Concrete and Asphalt Driveway Paving in Monticello, IN

If you’re looking for the kind of driveway paving Monticello residents can trust, it’s important to contact us at Elite Paving to learn more about what we have to offer. Over the years, we’ve created techniques for concrete and asphalt driveway paving in Monticello IL, that provide strong and efficient installation and maintenance. Here’s what you need to know about these unique paving opportunities right away.

How Asphalt Helps You

The best asphalt driveway paving Monticello options can provide your home with a strong and high-quality surface that will last for many years. It’s one of the most common types of driveway paving in Monticello IL, and is something that we at Elite Paving can provide for you. Its benefits include how it:

  • Protects In Cold-Weather Regions: The best asphalt pavement works beautifully in colder areas. That’s because it provides a strong surface that absorbs heat and can help melt ice and snow and keep your driveway as safe as possible.
  • Creates a Dense Surface: Asphalt is often denser than concrete, which creates a thicker and longer-lasting material. While there’s some risk of water-based damage, the thickness of asphalt can help offset it a little bit for you.
  • Includes Fast and Efficient Installation: Asphalt is often very quick and easy to install, though you should still work with a professional to get it done. Our team will do whatever they can to give your asphalt pavement the strong and long-lasting surface that it deserves.

Asphalt is typically more common in large parking lots or commercial driveways because it’s often cheaper and easier to install. However, we at Elite Paving can provide both concrete and asphalt to ensure that you get the high-quality driveway that makes sense for your investment needs.

When to Consider Concrete

While asphalt driveway paving Monticello can trust is a great option, concrete driveway paving in Monticello IL, provides many benefits as well. If you’re on the fence about which option is right for you, our team at Elite Paving can ensure that you get the best experience possible. Benefits of concrete include:

  • Living in Hotter Areas: Asphalt does tend to get damaged or softer in heavy heat, while concrete resists it very well. When properly treated, concrete stays cooler to the touch in direct sun than asphalt, meaning that it’s cooler and safer for your feet.
  • Experiences Minimal Wear and Tear: You deserve a driveway that will stay strong and resist wear and tear for many years. Concrete is a great option because it doesn’t get damaged very easily and should provide long-term and high-quality resistance from various damage types.
  • Provides a Strong Surface: Do you want a strong and reliable driveway that will last for years without problems? Concrete is one of the strongest materials in the world and can withstand wear and tear very well. It doesn’t get soft and develop impressions or divots throughout its surface.
  • Requires Minimal Maintenance: Concrete can last for many years without needing any kind of maintenance. You’ll typically need to clean its surface, add a sealant when installing it, and watch out for and fix any cracks as they develop across your driveway.

These advantages make concrete an excellent option for many homes, particularly those in hotter areas. Illinois summers can get pretty intense, even with wind coming off Lake Michigan. Talk to us about whether or not concrete is right for you, and we’ll do what we can to help you out here.

We’re Here for You

If you need the best driveway paving Monticello has to offer, call us at Elite Paving today! Our team provides the concrete and asphalt driveway paving in Monticello IL that makes sense for your needs. We’re more than capable of handling both types and will provide white-glove, hands-on service that you can trust. Call us at (217) 253-8484 to set up an appointment with our team of experts.

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