Asphalt Hauling Services in Illinois and How They Can Benefit You

Asphalt can offer a broad array of advantages and benefits that make it worth considering for your home or business. However, you may find it challenging to properly mix and pour this material, resulting in accidents or other issues that may affect the quality of your jobs. Thankfully, Illinois-area asphalt hauling services can ensure that you get the best results for your needs.

Our team at Elite Paving and Sealcoating works with paving contractors to provide asphalt hauling that makes sense for their needs. However, we can also work with you if you’re not a paving contractor but a homeowner who wants the best asphalt possible. Understanding this topic will ensure that you get the best results and minimize any complications you might otherwise experience.

How Hauling Benefits You

If you’ve never worked with the best asphalt hauling services in Illinois, it’s time to start! Our team of pros has years of experience working with asphalt and understands what you need as a paving contractor. We also appreciate how hauling can impact your job site and ensure that you get the best results possible for your needs whenever you work with us.

Just how will we help you out and make your projects better? By providing a surprising array of different benefits that you might not even consider. Some of these advantages will be obvious, and others will be a bit more subtle. Thankfully, each of these options will help you in many ways. Just a few different ways that asphalt hauling helps you include how it:

  • Minimizes Potential Injury Risk – Working with asphalt requires you to heat it up heavily until it is ready to pour. Most people who work with asphalt understand this risk and wear gloves, boots, long pants, and other protective gear. However, injuries may still occur if you aren’t careful with how you handle it. Thankfully, a paving crew can help minimize this risk and prevent injuries.
  • Helps Make Your Job Easier – Do you spend hours mixing asphalt, correctly applying it, and hauling it from place to place? Or do you have old asphalt you need to remove and end up wasting so much of your work hours on these steps? You might want to consider hauling to help you out here. Our services will take care of this heavy-duty gig with proper delivery and lifting gear that cuts back on your work.
  • Delivers and Handles Asphalt With Ease – Are you tired of having to mix your asphalt on-site and want someone who can take care of this step for you? Our team is available to work with you! First, we’ll bring fresh asphalt to your site and provide a steady source that makes your job easier. Then, if you run out, we’ll bring more to ensure that you get your gig finished on time and with minimal challenges.
  • Handles a Cluttered Job Site – It’s not uncommon to remove a lot of old asphalt or other pavement when working on a paving job. Unfortunately, this situation may cause excess clutter around your job site, making it difficult to work without getting cluttered or even injured. Thankfully, our hauling team can not only bring asphalt to you but remove any debris that may be around your site.
  • Cuts Back on Potential Accidents and Mistakes – Asphalt pouring and hauling isn’t necessarily a precision job. It’s usually pretty easy to fix minor mistakes and ensure that they don’t negatively affect your pavement quality. However, a professional hauling service decreases these risks even further and gives you the best chance of a high-quality asphalt pour that makes sense for your needs.
  • Helps With Financial Protection of Your Gig – Are you worried about your asphalt potentially failing you after a pour? This problem is not uncommon if you make mistakes or if the weather changes for the worse. Thankfully, a professional hauling and paving company has insurance and warranties that will pay for repairs if errors or damage do occur.
  • Secures Your Job With Extra Finishing Steps – Did you know that asphalt requires the help of a high-quality finishing service or various sealants to stay strong and secure? Unfortunately, not all amateur or DIY pavers may realize this situation and experience problems with their asphalt. Thankfully, we can help you by ensuring that you get the best sealant and finish on your asphalt after it dries properly.
  • Ensures Asphalt Looks Great, Every Time – Working with asphalt may seem easy on the surface. After all, you just need to spread it through your forms to make sure it is correctly installed. However, you have to pour it at the proper temperature and provide various curing steps that make it look great. Our team can help paving contractors get the best look possible and minimize any complications as well.

As you can see, asphalt hauling provides many advantages that will help a paving contractor like you. However, these benefits also allow people to work on paving projects at home. Therefore, we mainly try to help amateurs and DIY weekend warriors who want to use asphalt. Unfortunately, these individuals often experience the most setbacks without the help of professional hauling and paving crew at their side.

Before you contact us or any other asphalt paving services in Illinois, though, you need to understand why asphalt is such a great option for you. Many paving contractors may not understand just why this material is so commonly used for roads, driveways, parking lots, and more. Let’s break down a few of these common advantages to make it easier for you to understand this critical point properly.

Why Asphalt is a Great Investment

Our Illinois asphalt hauling services typically work with a broad range of paving contractors to provide a high-quality solution for your paving needs. But how does asphalt compare to other paving options, such as concrete or even gravel? Asphalt has many advantages that make it stand out against even concrete, though both of these paving options work well for different situations.

As a result, it is essential to understand why asphalt might be a good option for your current paving job. Though we also work with concrete and love it for the many benefits that it provides, asphalt can often be just as good. Thankfully, these advantages are relatively easy to understand and integrate into all of your paving gigs. When we work with asphalt, we find that it is:

  • Durable and Reliable – High-quality asphalt is designed to last a very long time and provide many excellent benefits. When properly maintained, you’ll find that your driveway or parking lot lasts for decades. By working with a high-quality paving contractor, you can also cut back on potential wear and tear problems and take steps for proper maintenance and repair help.
  • Easy to Maintain and Repair – Paving contractors often choose asphalt because of its easy-to-maintain surface and minimal repair needs. Put simply, you typically don’t need to take a lot of steps to keep it strong. Instead, try to remove ice, when possible, and refinish the surface every five years or so. That’s about all you need to do. And if you do spot damage problems, fix them immediately with a patch.
  • Incredibly Safe – There’s a big reason why cities, states, and counties use asphalt instead of concrete for roads. First, they are incredibly skid-resistant. As a result, ice and snow will cause less slipping and sliding on asphalt than on concrete. Even better, the dark color helps to reduce glare and melts ice and snow very rapidly. As a result, your driveway or parking lot will be safe during the winter.
  • A Very Smooth Surface – While your pavement may seem lumpy when working with asphalt hauling professionals, it quickly smooths out as it dries. Just go check out a nearby freshly paved road to get an idea of just how smooth asphalt dries. This smoothness helps to decrease wear and tear on your vehicle’s tires and gives you an attractive and desirable look that you’ll likely love.
  • Surprisingly Cost-Efficient Option – Did you know that asphalt is one of the cheapest paving options on the market today? Don’t let that low cost influence you into thinking it’s poor quality. On the contrary, asphalt uses inexpensive materials but high-quality production methods that help to make it more robust and more reliable than many other options. In this way, you can save a lot of money on your gigs.
  • A Very Easy to Recycle Material – Few paving materials protect the environment as well as asphalt. It is 100% recyclable and is the most recycled material in the country today. Around 100 million tons of old asphalt pavement get recycled every year and reused. This way helps protect the world from the dangerous environmental situation that continues to creep up on us.
  • Minimally Noisy – When you drive on your driveway or parking lot, you don’t want your tires making a lot of excess noise. Thankfully, the best asphalt hauling services in Illinois can help by providing a very quiet material option. This benefit is another reason why asphalt is the go-to option for roads. No other material minimizes road travel noises quite as effectively.
  • Very Attractive and Appealing – Lastly, asphalt is one of those materials that simply looks great. When properly dried and cured, it will produce an attractive style that is hard to top. Even better, you can stain or finish the surface to produce a variety of different looks and designs. In this way, creating high-quality parking lots and driveways will be easier than ever for your paving needs.

These benefits make asphalt something well worth considering for your next gigs. Our team makes sure that you are fully satisfied with your asphalt before leaving. And if you have any excess material to remove from your site, we can help you as well. We strive to create the kind of high-quality situation that paving contractors like you need to feel comfortable with all of your paving gigs.

How We Reuse Any Asphalt That We Take Away From Your Site

If you need our help to remove asphalt from a job site, we’ll do what we can to assist you. Our trucks will show up, and our team will load up any old and discarded pavement around your site. We utilize a variety of mechanical lifting tools to speed up this process and minimize painful injuries. In this way, we ensure that your cleanup goes as smoothly as possible and provide the service that you need for each of your paving gigs.

What do we do when our asphalt hauling crew takes your old pavement away from your job site? First, we typically take it to recycling companies that help to reuse it for other projects. Typically, we work with many companies and teams that provide this service. Each is devoted to recycling asphalt and reusing it, adding various materials to make it even more potent.

We genuinely believe that asphalt can help protect the world and think that recycling is one of the best things possible for the paving world. And if you’re worried about the impact of your construction gigs, you can rest easy knowing that our hauling services can help you protect the environment and get the high-quality pavement option you want. Talk about a win-win situation!

Find the Asphalt Help That You Need

The many advantages of this paving material and our asphalt hauling services in Illinois ensure that you get the high-quality projects you need every time. So whether you’re a paving contractor or working with paving contractors, consider asphalt hauling for your needs. Our team at Elite Paving and Sealcoating will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with your needs.

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