Commercial Asphalt Paving Mahomet, IL

For Parking Lots, Choose Asphalt Paving

You just opened a new Mahomet, IL or Central Illinois business, and you want to ensure that your parking lot is as secure as possible. This action is a smart decision but requires a lot of work to get right. For example, you need to choose the best pavement to ensure that you save yourself money and get a driveway that will last for years. One of your best options here is commercial asphalt paving.

This type of commercial paving material provides a broad range of benefits that make it among the most popular and successful types on the market today. Understanding a few of these benefits – and the list below is by no means comprehensive – can help you gauge whether you need this type of paving for your parking lot or if you are better off investing in another style.

Safety for You and Your Customers

The best thing about commercial asphalt paving is its relative safety when compared to other types of pavements. Asphalt is among the smoothest and most comfortable type of pavement on the market. As a result, the wheels of your company vehicles will make better contact with the road. Just as importantly, they will also avoid splashing and other issues during wet days and months.

Asphalt also has natural anti-skid protection that minimizes accidents on your parking lot. Though most people should be driving relatively safely on your lot while visiting your business, some people refuse to behave in reasonable ways. However, a good piece of commercial paving can keep your customers and employees safe from their own bad driving behaviors and keep others on the road safe at the same time.

Sustainable Solution

Asphalt is made out of oil, which might make it seem like it would be bad for the environment. However, recycled asphalt, or RAP, is becoming a popular option for a large number of companies. This type of pavement utilizes recycled materials from older asphalt to avoid the excessive use of virgin materials. In this way, your asphalt is safer for the environment and healthier for you.

Just as importantly, RAP is surprisingly robust and resilient when compared with other forms of recycled paving. For example, recycled concrete, while strong, doesn’t have the strength and durability provided by RAP. As a result, any business owners concerned about the environment or looking to decrease their company’s impact on the world should consider asphalt for their parking lot.

Requires Few Maintenance Necessities

One of the best aspects of asphalt is how well it withstands a variety of damage from outside influences. For example, concrete and other types of pavement are very prone to damage from rain, snow, cold weather, and sun rays. While asphalt isn’t immune to this type of problem, it is among the most resistant and resilient on the market today. Simply put, this type of pavement will resist severe damage better than just about any other material on the market and minimize your maintenance needs and costs exponentially.

For example, you can easily combine this type of pavement with a multitude of treatment methods to keep it protected from the environment. A good sealcoat will prevent UV rays, water, gas, oil, and other contaminants from damaging your pavement surface. As a result, your parking lot will be in good shape for years to come and avoid a large amount of pressing environmental issues. Just sweep up your pavement once or twice a week and add a sealcoat every 3-4 years and you should be good to go for at least 20-25 years.

Lessened Noise Pollution

Pavement can be very noisy outside of your business, mainly if a lot of people drive on your parking lot during the average work day. This issue is one that can be hard to manage if you utilize other types of pavements that don’t naturally absorb the sound of vehicle tires, walking feet, and more. Thankfully, high-quality commercial asphalt paving naturally dampens the noise level of your parking lot and helps to decrease the noise pollution outside of your business as much as possible.

The exact sound reduction is about 50 percent, which can be as high as three or more decibels. Though that might not seem like much of a cut at first, a three-decibel drop in noise can make your business feel unconsciously more comfortable for your customers and keep them from a variety of noise-related hearing issues. And, just as importantly, you can minimize how much your business and its parking lot contributes to the problems of noise pollution in your area and any nearby businesses or highways.

Versatile Usage

Commercial asphalt paving remains a popular option because it works so well in many different environments. For example, you can install asphalt in a small parking lot to save yourself money and keep your operating costs down. However, you can also add asphalt inside of your building for a variety of purposes, including small backroom floors.

Even better, you can use asphalt as a comfortable landing or parking place for any of your trucks or vehicles to rest on when not in use by your or your employees. This benefit is huge because some types of pavement end up getting stained or damaged when storing vehicles for excessive times. However, commercial asphalt paving naturally resists a large amount of wear-and-tear damage from vehicles to remain strong and viable for years to come.

Trust Our Pavement Professionals

By now, you should have a pretty good idea if commercial asphalt paving is the right choice for you. If you think that you want this type of pavement on your property, then you should contact us at Elite Paving & Sealcoating right away to learn more. Set up a free consultation appointment to learn more about the uses of this type of pavement and how you can integrate them on your property.

Just as importantly, you can set up an installation appointment with us to get the high-quality pavement you need for your facility in Mahomet, IL and Central Illinois. If you already have asphalt pavement on your facility, you can also contact us for help with repairs and maintenance processes. Our professionals fully understand how to improve the strength of your pavement and will work with you to create a robust and reliable slab that looks great and keeps your business safe.

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