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How Asphalt Helps Business Owners

How Asphalt Helps Business Owners November 14, 2020

How Asphalt Helps Business Owners

It’s time for you to get a new parking lot or driveway for your business, but you aren’t sure what type of pavement you want to use. Have you ever considered asphalt paving in Champaign, Mahomet, and Monticello, Illinois, for your paving purposes? You may be surprised at just how beneficial this option can be to your business. The benefits that it provides far outweigh its few downsides and give you the best chance of getting the incredible driveway that you want and deserve. 

Less Expensive as a Paving Option 

Business owners who want to save money on their driveways and parking lots may want to consider asphalt paving as their best possible choice. That’s because asphalt is cheaper than other types and provides many benefits that you can’t get from different types. Asphalt merely is more natural to make and pour, which cuts down both on the manufacturing and the pouring prices. In this way, getting the most out of asphalt without having to pay a lot of money is possible. 

And this inexpensive nature makes it easy to pour a large amount and cover a majority of a parking lot and driveway without having to cut back on costs. That’s why you see so many roads and commercial parking areas using asphalt. Though it may be a bit “hot” to the touch in the sun – and may cause hotter parking lots – the lower price more than makes up for this minor benefit. Even better, it is easier to upkeep than most types of parking lots and should save you m0oney there as well. 

For example, maintenance of asphalt requires you only to clean the surface once every few weeks and apply a sealcoat every few years. Compare that to concrete, which may require a lot more heavy-duty work, and you’re going to find that you’re saving yourself money in the long-term. And while asphalt may not be quite as attractive as concrete, when adequately stained, it can be surprisingly appealing and provide a beautiful look to your home that is hard to get in any other way. 

Much Safer for Business Owners 

Business owners may not realize how much the quality and type of their paving materials can affect the safety of their parking lots or driveways. That’s because these areas are often where their customers run into problems with weather and other issues that may make them unsafe. Thankfully, asphalt is among the safest paving type that you can get for this situation. It will help to protect your business in ways that you may not expect and avoid unnecessary complications. 

Why is asphalt paving safer than other types of pavement? There are a few reasons. First of all, it stays warmer in winter due to its unique texture. As a result, it naturally melts ice more rapidly and keeps the pavement surface free from this slippery problem. In this scenario, your asphalt driveway will not be home to nearly as many slip and fall injuries or even car crashes than if you had installed concrete or other types of paving options. 

Just as importantly, asphalt has a higher contrast with the snow, making it easier to find and track during heavy snowstorms. And its texture also helps to stop spraying and splashback during rain and winter storms, which prevents people from slipping while they drive. All of these benefits make asphalt a much safer choice and a hard one not to consider. Add that to the fact that it will last longer than many other types of pavement, and you have an option that is pretty hard to top. 

Enhanced Smoothness and Ride Capability 

If you want your driveway to look as beautiful as possible while also being safe and free of blemishes, asphalt is the way to go. While concrete can produce very smooth surfaces and keep your driveways and parking lots looking great, asphalt is much more uniform. This uniformity is caused by the very design and materials used in asphalt, which is typically a much more refined type of rock and paving material than you can get in any others of paving types. 

This smoother surface design makes your pavement last longer and helps protect your customers’ cars at the same time. Rather than having to deal with potentially popped tires and other issues that may be caused by bumpy rides, your customers will have a smooth feel whenever they visit. This benefit not only helps to protect their cars but also makes your business seem a safer and more enjoyable place to visit, enhancing your bottom line in many ways. 

Just as importantly, this smoothness also produces a better fuel economy for your customers when they visit you. While asphalt paving won’t cut down that much on fuel loss, the small amounts extended over a lengthy period can significantly minimize your Co2 output. This benefit can make your parking lot more comfortable for your customers and may result in you being rewarded with economic benefits due to your greener status. And don’t forget – asphalt can be recycled more easily. 

Much Quieter 

Lastly, when you use asphalt for your driveways and parking lots, you are cutting down on excessive noise that may impact your business by annoying your customers. This benefit is crucial in ways you may not expect. First of all, people driving on your asphalt won’t notice near as much noise and may be able to hear outside better, making it more straightforward for them to drive without distraction. As a result, your customers won’t suffer nearly as much noise pollution and find it easier to enjoy their visit.

Just as importantly, the amount of noise produced in your asphalt paving parking lot will be much lower for those walking to your business. This decrease will make your business feel like a more comfortable and enjoyable place to visit. Just as importantly, it will decrease the risk of accidents by making it easier for people to hear noises near them due to a lack of excessive noise. All these benefits help to make your business safe for your customers and you. 

Don’t Neglect This Paving Option 

If you’ve always thought that asphalt was a chintzy option for your business, you’ve been making a mistake for years. Asphalt paving in Champaign, Mahomet, and Monticello, Illinois, is among the most reliable and strongest on the market. And the benefits that it provides can be substantial and opens you up to many years of sturdy and durable pavement. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Elite Paving & Sealcoating to get the help you need with this pavement option. 

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